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Adly Syairi Ramly
Independent Local Music Activist

This Malaysian has been featured on Time, Huffington Post, and Billboard for his iconic #LegolisedSeries on Instagram and Twitter. His passion for music has led him to become a prominent figure in the Malaysian independent music scene.

Previously a senior editor for Malaysia’s leading independent music magazine, TONE, Adly is a pioneer in the local independent music scene with revolutionary bands like Butterfingers, Pesawat and Seven Collar T-Shirt being some of his notable discoveries.

After TONE, Adly went on to create Xfresh.fm, the first and only local radio station to feature local indie bands. He didn’t stop there. His proudest moment was creating Projek Buku, the most detailed compendium of the independent music scene in the country powered by social media.

Through the power of the internet and UniFi, Adly continues to pursue his passion for music and how it can change the world.

Adly Syairi, is a maker of tomorrow. This is his story.

UniFi. For the Makers of Tomorrow.

Mural Maestros

This Malaysian art collective needs no introduction, if you've paid attention to the local art scene lately. Foursomekl consists of Ahmad Fauzan bin Fuad, Donald Abraham and Mohd Anuar bin Mustapa (Fritildea), and together, they've been painting the town with their tongue-in-cheek yet instantly-recognizable street art.

Started in 2014, the three self-taught artists decided to band together with the belief that they can change the world through art. Since then, they have been featured in various events in Malaysia, namely the art exhibition 'Four Fantastic', Festival Belia 2015, Fifty Fifty by Vans, Urban Hunting Art by Mercedes-Benz and more recently, the largest indoor mural in Malaysia.

With their brand of art, they hope to raise awareness on the amazing works created by local artists to spread the true meaning of what it means to be a Malaysian.

With UniFi, Foursome KL has not only found inspiration for their art, but also managed to tell their story of freedom and liberation to a broader audience, local and international.

Foursome KL are makers of tomorrow. This is their story.

UniFi. For the Makers of Tomorrow.

Basira Yeusuff
Culinary Magician

The name of this Malaysian might not ring a bell, but a bite of her food will have you singing sweet melodies. For Basira Yeusuff, food is not just sustenance. It is an art that she keeps on perfecting on her way to tantalise tastebuds with her quirky mix of modern and Malaysian fares.

A guerilla dining pioneer in Malaysia and the genius behind Rootcellar KL, Basira first started out from a fairly humble beginning – selling brownies in school at the very early age of 13. Her famous sandwich creations, 'What the Duck' and 'Tender Me Briskit' are amongst what powered her first venture into the underground gourmet scene, 'yay sammich!'. With the help of several close friends, she then founded Fancy Breakfast Club, the popular private dining service where she served food according to seasonal themes at the comforts of her home in Bangsar.

With UniFi, Basira has found many recipe inspirations from all over the world that has fueled many of her food business endeavors, allowing her to continuously redefine what it means to love food in Malaysia.

Basira Yeusoff is a maker of tomorrow. This is her story.

UniFi. For the Makers of Tomorrow.

Mustakim Ismail

How do you take something as mundane as wooden planks and transform it into a functional works of art? For Mustakim Ismail, this is a challenge he partakes day to day in his pursuit of creating memorable living spaces for some of the most stylish cafes and boutiques in the country.

As the founder of the interior and furniture design studio, Bawang Studio, Mustakim combines his passion in design and knowledge in carpentry to create living spaces and furniture that are both practical and beautiful.

Some of Mustakim's best works can be seen, and experienced, at local indie bookstore, Buku Fixi in Petaling Jaya and also at the stylish boutique, Mono.KL.

With UniFi, Mustakim finds inspiration to challenge current interior design norms and bring his work to a whole new level.

Mustakim Ismail is a maker of tomorrow. This is her story.

UniFi. For the Makers of Tomorrow.

Douglas Khoo and Mohd Hafiz Jalaludin
Master Builders

Lego bricks have always sparked imagination and creativity in children and adults alike. Beyond toys, many enthusiasts have made Lego a medium for their artistic impressions. Malaysians, Douglas Khoo and Mohd Hafiz Jalaludin are two such enthusiasts. Beyond that, Douglas and Hafiz are amongst the most prominent Lego builders in the country.

What started, for the two, as hobby has now become a life-long passion of creation, transforming imagination into reality, one Lego brick at a time. Douglas and Hafiz work together to build extraordinary MOC (My Own Creation) Lego sculptures. Their Lego work have received numerous accolades and recognition both locally and abroad.

With UniFi, Douglas and Hafiz find inspiration and share their Lego creations with Lego community and the world.

Douglas Khoo and Mohd Hafiz Jalaludin are makers of tomorrow. This is their story.

UniFi. For the Makers of Tomorrow.

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